Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Learn about the best gun cleaning kits on the market in 2014.

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Best Range Bags

Learn about the best range bags on the market in 2014.

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Best Gun Oil

Learn about the best gun oil on the market in 2014.

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Best Pellet Gun for Squirrels: Reviews in 2014

Varmints and small critters are a nuisance, and you can’t unload your shotgun on these ground pests. A better alternative would be to find the best pellet gun for squirrels. A pellet gun is also known as an air rifle. An air gun comes in various types, calibers, models, ammo, and firing mechanisms. It operates […]

Best Airsoft Gun Under 200: Reviews in 2014!

Airsoft games are fast becoming a popular and exciting pastime for both the young and the not-so-young gun enthusiasts. It’s an active sport that keeps every participant’s adrenaline pumping. The best airsoft gun, or soft air guns as they are occasionally called, are extremely popular among gun enthusiasts for engaging in recreational sports, such as […]

Best Gun Grease: Top Lubricant Reviews in 2014!

Lube is important to keep your firearms’ rotating parts and action smooth. But what is the best gun grease to use, and where should you use it? When it comes to supplies like grease or oil — even top rated gun grease brands — opinions fly like trap targets. Everybody will have recommendations about their […]

Best Gun Cleaning Mat Reviews in 2014

The best gun cleaning mat protects the surface you lay your firearm and cleaning kit, and it keeps the weapon’s finish safe from scratches or any damage from the surrounding cleaning area. An extra large mat will be spacious enough, soft but sturdy, and non-reactive to chemicals. Many companies recently came out with magnetic and […]

Best Rifle Cleaning Kit for the Money

Are you like most gun owners who rarely miss out on cleaning their firearms every chance they get? If so, are you using the best rifle cleaning kit? Good gun cleaning tools, rods, pads, chemicals, brushes, swabs, and patches will removing dirt and residue from spent ammunitions, or ‘fouling’, and preventing corrosion. These ammunition discharges […]

Best Gun Vise for the Money in 2014

Cleaning in itself is already a very tedious process; having to hold the gun securely with your hands and cleaning it at the same time is doubly difficult. This is when gaving the best gun vise for the money is indispensable. A good gun vise is like an extra pair of hands that keep the […]

Best Gun Oil Reviews: Learn about Lube in 2014!

The best gun oil will keep your firearm lubricated so it fires well and doesn’t jam. There are many different good gun lubes in 2014 — many of which have been on the market for years. These all work with modern weapons that use a smokeless powder. Read more in-depth reviews on Amazon or scroll […]

Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

With a rifle, shotgun, and a 9mm pistol, you may want to find the best universal gun cleaning kit that fits your needs. I read a lot of reviews, and I have compiled a list of good universal gun cleaning kits. Find more customer reviews on top rated gun cleaning kits on Amazon. Otis Elite […]