Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Learn about the best gun cleaning kits on the market in 2014.

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Best Range Bags

Learn about the best range bags on the market in 2014.

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Best Gun Oil

Learn about the best gun oil on the market in 2014.

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What is the Brightest LED Flashlight? (ANSWERED)

The advancement of today’s technology has sparked the development of a variety of light sources – from the traditional yellow-emitting bulbs to the ultramodern white LED (light emitting diode) lights. If you want to own the sturdiest, smallest, brightest LED flashlight in 2015, you have to dig deep inside your pockets as these torches don’t […]

Best 18650 Battery: Keep the Juice Flowing!

The best 18650 battery is used to power high-tech toys, flashlights, vaporizers, laser pointers or even electric cars. The 18650s are rechargeable 3.7-volt lithium ion batteries which come in universally accepted standard size of 18mm (0.7 inch) and height of 65mm (about 2.6 inches). Among the world-renowned cell manufacturers that adhere to 18650’s standard size are […]

What is the Best Scope for Mini 14? (ANSWERED)

The Mini-14 is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine made by Sturm Ruger, a renowned American gun company. Its name, Mini-14, was actually derived from the military’s legendary and battle-tested M14 rifle, which was used by Ruger as base model to advance a few cost-cutting modifications and improvements to the new rifle. Read customer reviews of the […]

Best LED Flashlight under $50 Dollars: Reviews That Shine!

We can never overemphasize the usefulness of having a flashlight available at all times. You will never know when an emergency will arise, so it’s best to keep the best LED flashlight under 50 dollars handy wherever you go – in your car or pocket. Read customer reviews on Amazon. For this reason, it must […]

Best Reloading Manual: 3 Book Reviews

The best reloading manual is your basic beginners resource if you’re manual handloading your own bullets for rifles, pistols, and handguns. It’s no surprise, too, if one day you find that you’ve accumulated a heap of them. Along the way, you will realize that several manuals will be useful – at least a manual from […]

What Is the Best Deer Attractant in 2015? (ANSWERED)

Whitetail deer have always been America’s most popular and prized game animal. Attracting these antlers has also been an essential part of hunting, for what’s a hunter without his game? The best deer attractant comes in many scents, forms, and ingredients – corns, acorns, chestnuts, non-food, urine-scented food, late season, and even homemade; but, still, […]

What is the Best Hunting Flashlight in 2015?

The best hunting flashlight is as indispensable as your own gun when you’re out in the wild. Flashlights for hunting have distinctive features which come with varying types or models, from the classic plastic torch to the high-end anodized aircraft-grade aluminium case or from the typical hand-held light to the hands-free head lamp and cap […]

What is the Best Flashlight Under 50 dollars?

Whether you’re a survival-gear specialist, a hunter or law enforcement officer, a high-end flashlight is absolutely indispensable. It’s a basic non-expensive device that every household, car, camper, hunting backpack or first-aid kit must have. But what is the best flashlight under 50 dollars? Read customer reviews on Amazon. Flashlights come in a variety of types […]

Best Scope for 300 Win Mag: Reviews in 2015

Many shooters say that the mere Winchester Magnum already spells disaster on your budget and finding the best scope for 300 Win Mag would right away refer to the higher-priced bracket of $500 dollars or more. It could well be true considering that 300 Winchester Magnum sniper rifles are known for their fire power and […]

Best Scope for AK-47: Reviews in 2015

The Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK-47) is a Soviet-made gas-operated, selective fire assault rifle developed during the WWII by Mikhail Kalashnikov, hence the name. It is recognized as the most extensively used assault rifles the world over because of its reliability, durability, low production cost and simplicity in design. This is true in military and tactical operations, […]

Best Scope for 30-30: Good Recommendations for My Rifle?

The best scope for 30-30 is normally used within the range of 100-150 yards – that’s about the effective range for this calibre. Some say 200 yards, others 250, but that’s stretching beyond the maximum. On the average, it’s 100 yards and there isn’t really much use for extremely high-powered scopes. Imagine sighting your deer-sized […]

Best Scope for M1A: Reviews in 2015

Reader question: What is the best scope for M1A scout. It’s a great, accurate rifle, but it’s difficult to mount a scope on and I’d like some opinions. Read customer reviews on Amazon. Before deciding on the scope, a gun owner must thresh out the mount issue first. Some mounts offer two-point or three-point contact […]

What is the Best Scope for Remington 700?

Remington 700 is a high-quality rifle highly depended upon by hunting enthusiasts as main equipment in their outdoor sport. As such, it needs an accurate and equally high-performing scope to go with it. The following scopes come from brands known for their precision, dependability and craftsmanship. Read reviews of the best scope for Remington 700 […]

What is the Best Scope for 308 Rifle? (ANSWERED)

The .308 Winchester is a rifle cartridge preferred by many shooters and hunters because of its friendly recoil, longer barrel life, and efficient powder-consumption. There’s no question, too, that it’s superbly efficient within 250 to 300 yards. Beyond that range, however, it simply can’t outperform other really long-range rifle cartridges like 7mm Remington Magnum or […]

Best Reloading Scale: Which Ones Are Accurate?

To most enthusiastic sharpshooters, reloading is usually preferred over assembled factory-loaded cartridges. Most shooters take pride in fabricating their own rounds for more cost-efficient ammos, and in enhancing their firing accuracy and performance. Read customer reviews of the best reloading scales in 2015 on Amazon. The reloading process requires reloading tools and equipment to ensure […]

Best Deer Feeder: Reviews in 2015

Generally, the best deer feeder should have certain elements that make it effective, including easy setup, a long-lasting battery, and a good timer. Also, it must be positioned in a relatively easy, secure, and favorably accessible location (away from roads). The opening must be relatively wide to keep from frequent clogging. It must be so […]

Best Cheap Trail Camera: Gaming the Game!

Whether you’re studying the pattern of your game’s movements along your trail or securing your perimeter, the best cheap trail camera will capture pictures, take videos and record time lapsed 24/7. There’s no question you would want a camera with high resolution, large memory storage, and a good range. You may also want to check […]

Best Keychain Knife: What’s in Your Pocket?

Why would you buy the best keychain knife instead of a full-length knife? The answer is simple – you need a cutting tool that goes wherever you go. For what good is a great knife if you don’t have it when you need it. And you will agree that a keychain knife may not be […]

Best Slug Gun Scope: Reviews in Your Sights!

Reader question: I’m a hunter and am trying to find the best slug gun scope. I don’t need long-range magnification and am looking for a sight that is one of the best on the market under 250 dollars. Before we look at what is the best scope for a slug gun, let’s learn what makes […]

Best Woodsball Gun: Take Cover and Fire Away!

Reader question: I’m big into outlaw paintball and am looking for the best woodsball gun ever, on the market in 2015. Can you recommend one or provide some reviews? Thanks! Read customer reviews of paintball guns in 2015 on Amazon. What is outlaw paintball? Woodsball, or outlaw paintball, is any type of paintball which is […]

Best Nerf Gun: Fire Away!

Reader question: What is the best nerf gun ever made that’s on the market in 2015? I may want to mod it. Also, I’m not that interested in a water gun. These guns should be for adults, not for 4, 5, and 6 year olds. Nerf, as a trademark for a line of toy guns, […]

Best Recoil Pad: Reviews in 2015

The best recoil pad can be slip-on, grind-to-fit, and precision-fit. These pads absorb the shock from gun recoil. Shooters use these shock absorbers over their long firearms, such as shotguns and rifles, for body protection and gun stability, whatever their specific shooting styles and preferences are. Read customer reviews on recoil pads on Amazon. LimbSaver Slip-On […]

Best Shotgun Recoil Pad: Reviews in 2015

No doubt you’d have a blast after a few good rounds with your shotgun, but not without some good bruising, too. Guns often come with their own cushioning but these are not often the best shotgun recoil pad for you. Pads of very soft materials will give in more easily than sturdier materials. Aside from […]

Best Scope for 30-06: What’s in Your Sights?

Reader question: What is the best scope for 30-06 — whether a Remington 700, Ruger American, or any deer hunting rifle. We won’t cover the AR 15, though. Gun nomenclature has gone such a roundabout, with several coding systems applied for naming guns. More modern guns are named starting with the calibre or groove diameter […]

Best Survival Lighter: Let’s Warm Up!

When you’re out in the wild, being able to start a fire – whether to prepare food, ward off wild animals, or keep you warm – can sometimes be the only thing in your backpack that will help you see another day. Twisting kindling sticks is fine for starting fire, if you’re an expert in […]